A philanthropic arm of COPILOT Provider Support Services Inc.

Supporting Solutions For Those in Need

COPILOT Cares finds local and global opportunities for charitable giving and discovers how to bring resources directly to those in need.

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About COPILOT Cares

“We rise by lifting others.”

- R. Ingersoll

From delivering toys to children suffering from illness to taking on the global water crisis, COPILOT Cares has the foundational underpinning to accomplish larger goals while being agile enough to really make a difference in small communities. A charitable extension of COPILOT Provider Support Services Inc., the COPILOT Cares initiative was created by Co-founder and President Dr. Moby Kazmi in his efforts to support projects designed to make a palpable difference in the lives of those in need, both locally and in developing nations worldwide.

Our Mission

Through a commitment to charitable giving, our mission is to bring improved foundational quality of life to as many underserved individuals and families as possible.

Our Values

Through our philanthropic efforts we come together to support diverse initiatives geared toward building a brighter future while giving joy, hope, and possibility to those who have felt despair due to deprivation.

Our Vision

COPILOT Cares envisions improved health, safety, wellness, and access to basic needs for those it serves. We are specifically committed to giving to those that require help toward attaining the necessities of life, such as much needed food, water, and shelter, so those that receive support can go on to better themselves and the lives of the next generation.

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Current Projects

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-M. Gandhi

Water is a basic human right

Taking on The Global Water Crisis

Water is a basic human right, yet a water crisis threatens millions worldwide. COPILOT Cares has been working to install water pumps that provide free, clean drinking water for communities in the developing world.

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Joy is a precious and necessary resource for everyone

Fighting Food and Shelter Insecurity

When COPILOT moved to Florida, we immediately sought out a way to make a difference for those who suffer from homelessness and hunger in our community.

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International Disaster Relief

International Disaster Relief

COPILOT Cares' commitment to charitable causes is about more than just financial support. When disasters strike, our team is ready to provide meaningful aid to those that need it. This might mean building tents for flood victims, or helping to find shoes for displaced families. This preparedness and willingness to jump into action is all a part of our commitment to helping those in need.

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Food for Change

Food for Change

Hundreds of bags of flour, tins of cooking oil, lentils, tea, and other essential foods have been purchased and distributed with help from COPILOT Cares with the goal of providing a full month of food rations to villages we connect with internationally.

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Joy is a precious and necessary resource for everyone

Christmas in July

Joy is a precious and necessary resource for everyone, but it is especially needed for children who are suffering from illness. COPILOT Cares has an initiative designed to share special moments by bringing toys to children in hospitals.

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Joy is a precious and necessary resource for everyone

A Home For Hope

Creating a safe and stable environment for children who have lost their parents is crucial if they are to thrive after the emotional trauma they have suffered. COPILOT Cares supports initiatives for orphanages to help with basic needs, but also to pay for counselling that helps nurture young people and give them self-confidence.

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Build Learning

Access to quality education is another basic human right. By supporting schools in developing nations, COPILOT Cares makes sure that everyone is given the dignity and power that education provides.

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Care During COVID and Every Day

Like so many others, during the global pandemic, we shifted some of our efforts. COPILOT Cares continues to allocate resources toward providing necessities, such as masks and tests, in developing countries that desperately need them.

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Every Life is Precious...

Through giving, we strive to improve the availability of basic resources for everyone, with the goal of improving self-reliance and stability for individuals and families.